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    Best Commercial Contractor in Miami

    There’s no doubt about it — Miami is a prime vacation spot. Expansive, luxurious hotels and resorts dot its crystalline shoreline. Urban centers, like Downtown Miami and neighborhoods like Brickell, compete for airtime as developers reach for soaring new heights with commercial, residential, and mixed-use highrises. Multi-billion dollar stadiums and entertainment districts are also currently […]

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    Lecture at Florida Atlantic University

    R2 Construction Group outside from the field and their offices, invest in the lives of young talented individuals pursuing construction and architecture. Owner Richard Reyes feels much passion in mentoring and helping others with the knowledge and experience he has gained over the past 30 years in the construction industry. During November of 2013, J […]

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    In the Spotlight | Modern Home Builder

    R² Construction Group Written by Chris Petersen Richard Reyes knows the construction business in Miami, having been involved in it since he was 13 years old. As Reyes explains, he was living on his own at the time and needed to find an opportunity to make as much money as he could quickly. He learned […]